I moving away from fund raising projects to just painting / art for arts sake... an expression of that which inspires me.

Feels good.

Welcome to my site ....

At last, as a pensioner, I have the freedom and the time to gather all my collected images and memories, to have fun and to share, that which provokes my passion to paint.

 Inspired by the effects of light .which speaks to me on many levels. Through defining form. In changing our perception of our everyday world. A process that encourages me to look with new eyes. As one with the luxury of being able to stop and really look.Using my curious and focused vision to let go see things anew.

Viewing the world by way of this lens enables me to recapture and reflect beauty found in the everyday. The beauty we often miss in our fast pace of life. Now I have no excuse.

By stopping to unfold life's mysteries through the transforming beauty of light. We regain our childlike view of what it is we see and regain our joy in soaking in what we see.

Become lifted. As in listening to a beautiful piece of music onto a deeper level of being.A meditation through sight.                                                                                                                         

A view taken from the top of Mount Boron, Nice. France. Showing a view of the old town.

In Casa Candida / my little house of light , I use as inspiration music . photography and stories ... & bank of gathered images awaiting transformation through paint. All the ground work done , I am at the first fix stage and hope to unfold a body of work across the winter in my little studio , my "Casa Candida ...... my little house of light.

Meet the Pumi’s.

A family of  Hunting dogs. Cute in appearance, but with a vision to change the world 

Meet the Characters in the children's story I am working on.

They are Pumi's, a family of Hungarian Hunting dogs, who make a trip to the seaside and it is here their adventure begins.Helped by sea creatures they strive together ... their goal ...

... to help save the planet.

.... more to follow.